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Howard A. Eyer Middle School
(East Penn School District)

Eyer Middle School was honored with an Award of Merit at the 2009 AIA Eastern Pensylvania Design Award. The addition and alterations project was noted by AIA jurors for having "successfully tackled the monotony that the scale of the school design can promote by providing the students with a different experience around every corner". TAS worked closly with a team of teachers and administrators to develop a planning and design program that could both fulfill educational goals and address complex site, circulation and natural lighting issues.

Jurors seemed particularly drawn to the new courtyard/cafeteria area that links the school's new existing space. Carl J. Handman, AIA, commented that "The additions have been attached to the exiting building in a way that exploits light and interior views of new courtyard, creating a unified complex". John C Cowder, AIA, found the interior spaces to be "exciting and full of light and visual activity...I would enjoy going to school here".