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Central Columbia Middle School

The Architectural Studio was honored with an Award of Merit by the AIA for its additions and alterations to Central Columbia Middle School. The award was presented at the 2008 Design awards held by the Eastern Pennsylvania chapter of the AIA.

The school is one of the firm's most recent examples of utilizing brain-based learning theory in its design to provide intellectually and environmentally stimulating learning environments. Juror Gregory K. Hunt, FAIA described the project as a "visually engaging ensemble of forms" which was also able to "reinforce the idea of a "visually engaging ensemble of from" which was also able to "reinforce the idea of new school being perceived as a village of learning space appended to the existing building". John C. Cowder, AIA additionally commented on it as "an incredibly nice project for sucha limited budget. Simple, uncluttered, clean and still an exciting space for children".